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Online Internet Speed Test

Online network test tool to check your Internet speed. Free, quick and easy

How to test your internet speed:

> Click () to start the speed test
It will test your download speed and upload speed, please wait a moment.
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How does your device perform with different internet speed?

Online Internet Speed test, easy and free

Online Speed Test

This speed tester is a convenient online tool that can be used directly in your browser. Test internet speed without any other installation or add-on.

Simple Speed Test

Start your speed test to check if the network is working properly with just 1 simple click. The easiest speed test you can find online.

Free to Use

No activation payments, no hidden fees, even no ads show up on the page. Our online speed test tool is 100% free to use to check your online speed.

Privacy Guaranteed

Everything you test is accessible to yourself only, we’ll not make your network status public. The online speed test tool is 100% safe and secure.

Why the internet speed is slower than expected?

1. The distance between the router and the device you are testing is too far, get closer;

2. It’s essential to keep your browser and router firmware up-to-date;

3. Too many people are using the network at the same time;

4. It is recommended to directly connect the Ethernet Cable to your PC/laptop rather than to connect a wireless WiFi network;

5. The network speed itself is limited, you may need an upgrade.

How to speed up your internet

1. Update the password

The internet speed becomes slow after it has been connected by more and more users. In this case, you can choose to update your router password to get faster network speed. On your web browser, open your router settings by entering its IP address. Log in your router account and set up a new password in the settings.

2. Change a longer network cable

The distance between your device and the router fails you to get fast internet speed. This can be solved with a longer network cable. With this, you can move your router to a new place where there is good to maximize the network coverage across the whole house.

3. Switch a new broadband

If the broadband itself is not available for the needed internet speed, you may consider switch a new broadband to fix slow network effectively.

4. Try Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare provides an easy solution to improve internet speed with one click. In the main screen or the toolbox, you can click internet boost to speed up your internet. It helps to configure how your computer is connecting with the internet, and then make advanced network optimization to maximize the internet speed.

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