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Fix No Sound Problem on Windows

Many users have faced the situation that there is no sound on their computer. Generally, there will be a red mark in the right corner, and the computer is silent anyway. To solve the problem, we can check from the following two aspects. 

Method one: Through Windows Settings

First, it may be a system problem, you can repair it with five steps.

1) Win+R, input "services.msc" to open the list, then check with the order of names;


2) Find out "Windows Audio" and "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder", set them as "automatic". After the set, the sound can be recovered, but if not, please change a way to check;


3) Based on step 1, find out "Plug and Play" and "Power", set them as "automatic";


4) Then check "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" and "Multimedia Class Scheduler", the same way with step 3;


5) After finishing step 3 and 4, you can try step 2, and the sound problem will be solved. If you still worry about it, please restart your computer and check again.

Method two: Use a Driver Updater

Second, the problem may be a sound driver problem, including the incompatibility of drivers or the incomplete cleaning of useless driver files. If this is the case, you need to check the driver condition, then make a proper solution. To choose a proper driver can be troublesome, so you need to the help of driver tools. Driver Booster 5 can easily deal with your driver problems including sound driver, internet driver, graphics driver and so on. It can automatically update and back up your driver with high efficiency.

1) Run Driver Booster, then it will automatically start to scan, then you will know the condition of your computer drivers;

DB main.jpg

2) After scanning, you can just update the sound driver if there is any new version available. If not, click "Tools" and "Fix No Sound". It will begin to check your computer sound and fix if there is a problem.

DB update.jpg

DB fix.jpg

3) Restart your computer and the problem will get solved.

In addition to no sound error, you may also meet display driver problems. Here is: How to uninstall problematic Nvidia graphics drivers on Windows?

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