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Sound Test

Free online sound tester to check your audio

Click the left and right arrow button to test sound

Update PC device drivers fast and easy for a smoother PC

Use Driver Booster to Update Sound Driver and Fix Audio Issue

Quickly scan your PC system and find out broken and missing drivers

Update device drivers and game components to improve PC performances

Regularly update graphics card drivers to avoid common audio and video issues

Driver Booster

No Sound? Quick steps to find out the problem cause

How to use Driver Booster to Fix No Sound?

Most PC audio issues are caused by problematic device drivers. Since a device driver conveys the command sent from the system to hardware devices. Thus, if the driver program is broken or outdated, hardware devices connected to your PC will not be able to work properly. Driver Booster is a simple and easy to use Windows tool to update drivers. It can quickly scan your PC and detect all outdated device drivers or game components. What's more, just a click at the "Update Now" button, you will have your devices drivers updated within a very short time. You will never have to check and update PC drivers manually after install Driver Booster.

Sound Test Q&A

How to test sound with this online tool?

Click the left play button to check your left stereo sound and the right play button to check your right stereo sound.

What is a successful sound test?

If you can hear the sound coming from both the left stereo and right stereo. Congrats! Your audio is working properly.

Why is there no sound on my laptop?

No sound is a pretty common error that happens to a laptop or PC. It can result from media, hardware or device driver related issues.

Can I prevent No Sound issue from happening again?

Make sure your headphone or speaker cords and jacks (hardware) are well-maintained. Besides, update your software, system and device drivers on a regular basis to avoid malware or system bugs that may cause no audio. Though there are many other possibilities, we can avoid the major risks by doing the above.

Tools you may need to fix common PC issues

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